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Induscan Petroleum Institute is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified institutes established in February 2002. This institute pioneers in Engineering consultancy, Engineering skill development programs, Human Resources and Skilled Professional Management for all kind of mechanical construction industries especially in Oil and Gas Sector, Thermal Power sector, Petro-Chemical sector and other related Engineers. Induscan’s skill development programs are ranging from matriculation level (skilled Technician) throughout Post graduation level (Skilled Design Engineer). The course boosts employability of youth all around the world. Induscan’s skill development programs enhance sufficient clarity on the area of employability and nature of responsibilities of skilled professionals in the industry. Thousands of skilled professionals benefited this program since 2002.


Global Engineering community shall recognize their skill range in accordance with international standards and specifications. Industry shall recognize the potential of skilled engineering professional and source of dynamic candidates from Induscan Petroleum Institute


Construct a strong bridge of engineering skill between engineering professionals and the International Mechanical Construction Industry so that the need from either side is successfully fulfilled


Since February 2002, Induscan Petroleum Institute has proven records of successful services in accordance with the vision and the mission of its own nature and a system of skill development and industrial customization introduced as a miniature of core mechanical engineering industry (Mechanical Construction, Mechanical Production/ Manufacturing and Mechanical Maintenance)